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Read the forum rules, Make sure you respect everyone here, treat everyone the same, start posting and have Fun!

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 The forum rules [MUST READ]

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Site Owner / Beast Admin

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PostSubject: The forum rules [MUST READ]    Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:21 pm

Hey everyone, these are the rules for the forum.
At Michou's Forum, the staff team wants to make sure we have a great growing community & to make sure the forum stays clean. To help, please follow & respect the rules. They are very important.

Please note, this thread can be updated at anytime. We may inform you about it, but it is in your own responsibility to keep up with the rules and follow them.

1. Do not bump old threads.
This means that you are not allowed to reply on threads made ages ago & that has not been replied for over 2 weeks.

2. Post in the correct section.
Following this rule helps making the forum clean. Take a look at the forum section description & subforums.
If you aren't sure where to post, feel free to PM any staff member asking where to post. If you post at the wrong section, the council has full rights to move the thread to the correct section. If you are caught posting at the wrong section several times, the council has full rights to warn you, give you an infraction or even a temporary ban.

3. Keep your signature small, not too big.
Try not to make your signature too big. The maximum size limit allowed is up to 400 pixels.
If you are found using a signature more than the limit, the staff team has the right to remove it.

4. Distrubiting warez:
You are allowed to distribute warez in the download section, but it cannot have ANY virus or malaware in it. Uploaders, we ask to check if your file has any virus or malaware on If your download release has any virus or malaware in it, staff has full rights to delete your thread or even to ban you from our forum. Users that want to download warez from a release is asked to check if the file has any virus or malaware at We are not responsible if your PC / Laptop gets infected with Malware, this is your own fault for not making sure that the file completely has no virus.

5.Do not spam.
Don't post spam. Double posting or more isnt allowed. Do not spam the chatbox. Link spam is also forbidden. Doing so will end you up with a warning, infraction, a temporary ban or even a permanent ban depending on the situation.

6. Do not advertise useless stuff & links.
Advertising your youtube channel is allowed, which can be found in the youtube section. Advertising your GunZ server
is also allowed, which can be found in the GunZ corner. If you need to, you can provide the forum link
advertising your GunZ server. Other links & such arent allowed .

7. Follow all application formats when applying for the forum mod or pure beast position.
These two sections obviously requires that you fill an application form if you want the position. Making a thread without
the application format or begging for staff position is forbidden. Doing so will end you up with a warning, infraction, or
even a temporary ban from the council.

8. Stay on topic:
When posting, depending on the thread you are supposed to stay on topic. Don't post useless stuff that doesn't relate to the topic at all.

9. No staff impersonation:
You may never under no circumstance be allowed to copy a staffs name to use on the forums.

Disobeying any of these rules may result into a ban.
Credits to all of the staff team for helping & making sure the forum stays clean.


If you need to contact me for any reason regarding support questions or anything else feel free to leave a PM or add me on MSN and/or skype.
Skype: idevil123

Subscribe & watch my youtube videos:

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PostSubject: Re: The forum rules [MUST READ]    Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:32 am

Thank you mark for all the forum rules, they look great.

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PostSubject: Re: The forum rules [MUST READ]    Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:57 pm

Forum rules update, added rule #9

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PostSubject: Re: The forum rules [MUST READ]    

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The forum rules [MUST READ]
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